Monday, April 9, 2007

The Birth of FrameWork

FrameWork goes LIVE!

Losing the War Meme: War vs. Occupation

We recorded our first show today through BlogTalkRadio and you can listen or download the podcast here:

Tune in to FrameWork for a discussion of the week’s biggest political issues and examine the framing behind them. Featuring prominent guest bloggers focusing on framing issues, we’ll look at the arguments being used by both Progressives and the Right and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, direct advice on utilizing the most advantageous arguments going into the week ahead. Whether you are a blogger, a lurker, a candidate or a politician, you won’t want to miss this insightful and actionable recap of the issues at hand and the arguments behind them.

For Podcasting or downloading:


TexMex said...

Hi! Looks good. Bookmarked

Adiposis Dolorosa said...

I hope Political Nexus starts a policy of putting up transcripts of audio offerings as soon as possible. There are people like me who have difficulty for one reason or another accessing or processing audio information.

Tecolote said...

Bon Voyage!


Intellectually said...

Best of luck; I love the idea!

Have you folks bumped into another idea I am intrigued by, Assignment Zero?

bablhous said...

Good Luck with this new animal.


Political Nexus said...

Yes--we will be offering transcripts of shows in the future. Unfortunately, this has been a busy week! Check back next week and they should be up. Because there is an hour or two delay to get the show from blog talk radio, transcripts will probably not be available until the next day at the earliest—though we will strive for efficiency.

We understand that a lot of people cannot listen to audio while they are at work or would prefer to read transcripts so this is something we definitely feel is important.

Thanks for all the comments! We are very interested in hearing your suggestions and input and will be implementing quite a few of them as we get this project off the ground.

Unique said...

Something for the lurkers!
Can't wait to see more.

TDE said...

Looks excellent, I will be following closely.

I enjoyed the clammyc 'Fire everyone' diary on dKOS and followed the link to here.