Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don't Hijack My Thread!

It's time for Don't Hijack My Thread!--the show featuring an interactive discussion on this week's hot topics in progressive politics. Hosts clammyc and thereisnospoon take calls from dday, Major Danby, ePluribus Media, cskendrick and more.

This week's topics include:
"Liberal Media" Bias
Iran/UK Hostage Crisis
Gonzales Trains for a Fight
No Budge on the Budget (Iraq Supplemental) and
Grading Congressional Dems.

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Political Nexus said...

Big thanks to all of our callers who made our first DHMT show an exciting and fun success!

Semblance said...

IMHO, callers really distract from talk shows. It causes shows to go in all kinds of random directions. If interactivity is desired, the hosts can read emails or IMs, selecting the best on-topic messages.

Just my opinion. Keep up the great work.

DHS said...

Here are my blogging notes as I listened. Keep it up, you have a fan in Central America!


Liberal Media: Didn’t love this segment – there are better issues to cover!

Iran/UK: hostage crisis: Your caller greatly enhanced the show. Interesting discussion about “Iran’s neo-cons” and the tensions within Iran. The clerics run the country. ThereIsNoSpoon has spoken.

US Attorney Scandal: I know very little about this. This is one of the joys of living out of the country. Would like to see a show more in-depth about the history of this scandal! New Jersey politics! Listen to you! I agree that Gonzales would never step down. ThereIsNoSpoon is very funny in this segment. DDay was a cool addition! AvaHome/TX: come on! Spill it! ThereIsNoSpoon calling the Hispanic card. Whoa! I agree with you about the recess appointment, clam, I agree totally.

Iraq spending bill: General Petraeus sounds like a StarWars character! I agree that the Dems don’t have the stomach either…There’s a little kickback echo at 19 minutes when Virginia calls. Is this just my computer? I like your ideology about the veto, and wonder how widespread it is. New caller: can you really put a time limit on a spending bill? Once you have the money? I agree with the Murtha limitations, as did you. Forcing the debate and keeping it public is exactly the way to go, clam! New caller: an audit! It was never happen! Audit Halliburton?!?!?! The GAO? That sounds wonderful but I’d never expect it to happen! Spoon is with me on this one. A little unrealistic. And let’s not forget the barrel o’cash that was sent to Iraq. How does one audit that? As an accountant, what do you think is reasonable/realistic?
Grading the congressional Democrats: keep pushing? But of course… A solid B from the clambake. Ok, that’s better than they’ve been in a long time. Your closing points were your strongest of the entire show, Adam. Well done wrapping it all up!

Question: Where do your callers find you? How did they know you were live?


clammyc said...

thx Sherm--(and for the rest of you, Sherm and I go back to when we were 5 years old).

The callers were other Daily Kos folks who we sent an email to. We will send emails out the day before each show as well. We told them it was live as well.

The caller from VA forgot to turn down the radio, and the funny thing is that he does radio for a living!

Next show is on the 18th around the same time (6PM EDT) if you are around. Topics change each week.