Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FrameWork - June 18: An American Capacity for Evil: Apathy in the face of Bush foreign policy

Listen in on a very interesting (warning: adults only - bad words used) conversation between thereisnospoon and clammyc and hosted by theKK. We discuss the fact that many American's can't understand or fathom that our country's administration can commit atrocities towards others or our citizens without justifying it as "noble"...

Spoon and clammy refer to recent Daily Kos diaries they wrote and debate what it will take for someone strong enough to wake America up to the acts done in their name, and if the country is ready to hear and accept that.

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k9disc said...

We don't need to diss America, we just need to shift frames from War to Protecting America. The guilt will come by association:

This invasion and occupation is wrong and is bad for America.

It's making us less safe and isolating us in the world. Our Military is bogged down in the midst of a civil war that we cannot stop with all the bombs or guns on the planet.

Meanwhile our ports are not secure.

Our borders are not secure.

Our food supply is not secure.

Our economy is in shambles.

We need to stop pouring money into Iraq and take action to protect America.