Monday, June 11, 2007

OnTopic with Armando/Big Tent Democrat: Funding the Occupation--Where Do We Go From Here?

Join clammyc and thereisnospoon for an interview with the netroots blogging force that is Armando/Big Tent Democrat, former front pager at Daily Kos and current contributor at Talk Left.

We'll talk Iraq funding and what Dems need to do to get out in front on this issue, hold Republican feet to the fire and deliver on an issue on which the public demands action. Armando navigates the tricky and often murky waters of what dems can, can't and should do on the issue voters identify as their largest concern going into the primary season.

Click HERE for a podcast.

OR Listen here:

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Political Nexus said...

We'll get the show link up as soon as it posts through blog talk, which should be about an hour. It was a great show and a special thanks to Armando for joining us!