Friday, July 27, 2007

Check Out "On topic". hear Digby, MSOC and BTD go off!!

Today, we are profiling the crown jewel of our shows here at Political Nexus, On Topic.

On Topic is a 40 - 60 minute in depth discussion on a specific topic that is making the news, or is being discussed and debated on the blogs. We have recorded three shows to date, and they have been, by far, our best received shows.

On our first show, thereisnospoon and clammyc have My Left Wing's Maryscott O'Connor on to talk about the framing of the abortion debate and discuss why "choice" is a poor way for the left to frame the debate.

Our second show featured Talk Left's Big Tent Democrat (also known as "Armando") in a 60 minute discussion about the occupation in Iraq and what Congress' options are with respect to bringing an end to this debacle. Hear thereisnospoon, clammyc and Big Tent Democrat discuss defunding, funding the occupation to a specified date and debate the merits and drawbacks of calling for a withdrawal timeline.

On our third show, thereisnospoon and clammyc host the incomparable Digby to discuss her thoughts on impeachment as well as delve into the impeachment cases that could be brought against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Vice President Cheney and President Bush. We leave no stone unturned, including the political ramifications, the impact on future administrations and Congress, and potential remedies from impeaching certain Administration members.

We are incredibly proud of these shows, and thank Maryscott, Armando and Digby immensely for their intellect, insight and interesting points.

We hope you enjoy these shows.

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