Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Congressional Pelvic Exam

The Congressional Pelvic Exam 700 pixels by david ravenwood

Note: This political cartoon is from a concept originally suggested by Maryscott O'Connor, while on a live radio-blog show right here at Political Nexus.
If you listen to the audio of the show, she mentions an idea that kept popping into her head, involving a visit to her gynecologist, and joining them in the examining room is all of Congress -- taking notes, offering advice. So when clammy and thereisnospoon suggested that I illustrate her concept, I took the bait ! I took Maryscott's basic concept and flipped it around; somehow I felt it was an even more scathing indictment of Congressional intrusion into the intracacies of what ought to be confined to the doctor-patient relationship, by having it not in the Doctor's office, but in Congress itself.


clammyc said...

this is great, dude (as always).

did you send it to her yet? Or do you want to cross post it at MLW?

Dave the Rave said...

Much appreciated, Clamster.

Yes, I sent it to Maryscott; she seemed to really dig it. It will be posted at MLW, just working out technical concerns (about pixel-width and such...)

Thanks for passing the concept along to me.... I like doing these collaborative sorts of things with other progressive blogospheric types....