Thursday, September 6, 2007

clammyc makes the blog talk radio rounds....

In addition to our upcoming *big* announcement about Blog Talk Radio, I am happy to say that I have been quite the busy beaver lately when it comes to Blog Talk Radio.

You may have seen our post or listened to our interview with Joh Padgett, who, in addition to being Barry Welsh's (IN-6th) Communications Coordinator, hosts a show on Blog Talk Radio every Sunday at noon Eastern called Meet the Bloggers.

Well, this past Sunday, I had the honor of being a guest on Meet the Bloggers (around 20 minutes in). Joh, K. Paul Mallish and I discussed social networking and the rise of citizen journalism as it relates to Presidential and Congressional campaigns, and the impact of this increase in use of technology on the Democratic and Republican parties.

Additionally, I was invited to be a guest on Ed Morrissey's (Captain's Quarters) radio show, Heading Right. Ed, in addition to being a super nice guy (despite his political views being conservative...) is the Political Director for Blog Talk Radio, and we talked about the left's "infatuation" with Ron Paul, as well as raising the level of discourse and punditry through Blog Talk Radio and its "Debate Central" show format.

Take a listen and we would love to hear suggestions or volunteers to debate our conservative counterparts.

Hope you enjoy, and that I didn't come off too stupid.....

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