Sunday, September 2, 2007

Getting to know Barry Welsh (IN-6) and his campaign

Over the past month or so, we here at Political Nexus have had the pleasure of spending some time talking to the Barry Welsh for Congress campaign. As some of you may know, Barry is a long time member of the Daily Kos community and is running for Congress in Indiana's sixth district against extremist republican Mike Pence.

Barry, as well as Joh Padgett, who is Barry's Communications Director, spent time at Fire Dog Lake yesterday to talk about his campaign. Additionally, Joh hosts a show on Blog Talk Radio called Meet The Bloggers.

At Yearly Kos, we had the opportunity to interview Barry (click to download the interview) and discuss his campaign in 2006, where he was able to get 40% of the vote with only $50,000 in funding, the challenges and opportunities this election cycle and why he feels that Indiana's 6th district is ripe for change, given Pence's far right extremist views.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of interviewing Joh earlier this week (click the link to download or listen). Joh talks about the exciting opportunities in Indiana's 6th District, how the demographics have changed and are welcoming Barry's campaign, his involvement with Blue Indiana, and of course, his Meet the Bloggers show (which I will be featured on today, September 2, at noon EDT).

These are two great interviews, with two great people - motivated, energetic and progressive voices that are sorely needed in this country. We are proud to have had the opportunity to spend time with Barry and Joh, and look forward to more discussions in the future.

After all, Barry did promise that we would be his first "alternative media" interview after he sends Mike Pence packing!

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