Friday, May 11, 2007

ON TOPIC: Ditching "Choice" & Changing the Abortion Frame, featuring MyLeftWing's Maryscott O'Connor

Join clammyc, thereisnospoon, and special guest Maryscott O'Connor, proprietor of in a discussion on the framing of abortion. We explore why "choice" is a harmful and ineffective frame on the issue for progressives, and ways that Democrats can take back the honest ground in the debate and reverse the tide of setbacks befalling us.


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Martiki said...


Good program ya'll!

MSOC, post the picture of the senators in consultation with your ob-gyn! That's a pic that should be passed around as a comment on why we have the right to make our own personal decisions in consultation with our physicians.

I think changing the framing to us making our own decisions rather than the government deciding for us could especially resonate with libertarians.

thereisnospoon said...

we'll see if we can't get a picture of something like that up here...stay tuned! ;-)