Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lots of cool stuff to announce

Wow. Things have gotten off to a pretty cool start. At least I think so. We have recorded five FrameWork shows and will be recording our fifth Don't Hijack My Thread! this Wednesday at 8PM EDT/5PM PDT. And to think we were hoping to have one or two recorded by the time we all got to YKos in August.

Last week we introduced our third "series", 10 Minutes With..., which are short interviews with some of the most interesting voices in progressive politics. Our first one is with Brian Keeler (NYBri), who was a founder of three community blogs (including The Albany Project and ePluribus Media) and also ran for NY State Senate in 2006.

We are happy to also tell you about some of the cool stuff that we have in store, as we hope to update the site with new content at least 3-4 times each week.

Dave the Rave will be bringing his very excellent original political cartoons to our humble site, so look for them over the next few weeks. And definitely check out Dave's stuff because it is top notch.

We plan to record at least two more segments of "10 Minutes With..." over the next couple weeks, featuring Juan Melli (founder of Blue Jersey and NJ's 2006 Politician of the Year), and "kath25" who founded the "kossacks under 35" series at Daily Kos. There will be more coming over the next few weeks too, so check back in.

We will also be recording the first segment of our fourth show, "On Topic", which is a 30 minute discussion on an important topic with guest voices. Our first segment will feature My Left Wing's own Maryscott O'Connor along with clammyc and thereisnospoon to discuss abortion and the incredibly inaccurate "pro choice".

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