Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Hijack My Thread! - Thursday October 18

Join Adam Lambert (clammyc) and David Atkins (thereisnospoon) tonight at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific for another edition of Don't Hijack My Thread!.

This week's topics are as follows:

  • FISA redux - what's with retroactive immunity for the telecom companies?
  • Republicans in disarray - campaign spending, congressional retirements and splintering of the party
  • Blackwater's special status
  • Gore's Nobel Peace Prize and the right wing's conniption
  • Rudy's suspicious FDNY radio deal with Motorola before 9/11
  • Congress acting like turkeys about Turkey

The link to the show is here.

The call in number is 718-508-9410

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