Tuesday, October 2, 2007

FrameWork - October 2. Talking "betrayal"

Join Political Nexus and Heading Left hosts Adam Lambert (clammyc) and David Atkins (thereisnospoon) at 8PM for the latest episode of "FrameWork".

Adam and David talk about the term "betrayal" as well as the framing and use of this term as it relates to the recent controversy over MoveOn.org's advertisement. Hear how the word has been twisted by the right to paint those who are against the occupation of Iraq as "Betraying the troops and the country", when in fact, it is the republicans in Congress and those who support a "more of the same" policy that ignores our troops need for armor, equipment and rest who are betraying the troops and the trust of We the People.

Click below (or above) to listen LIVE.


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