Thursday, August 9, 2007

Introducing "Candidates' Corner"

We here at Political Nexus are proud to announce two new show formats that we will be rolling out. The first one, Candidates' Corner, will feature interviews with local and national candidates for office.

We hope that some of the very candidates we are featuring now (and in the future) will be Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators or local officeholders by the time we speak with them again. To kick things off, we are featuring three interviews that we were able to get at this past Yearly Kos - three most excellent candidates who ran for Congress in 2006 and are running again in 2008. These three candidates ran in districts that they had no business even coming remotely close in due to money constraints or the demographic makeup, and each of these three had excellent showings.

The first candidate, Lt. Colonel, Air Force (Retired) Charlie Brown is running in CA-4 against the very corrupt John Doolittle.

Our second candidate, long time Daily Kos member Barry Welsh is running in IN-6 against Mike Pence, a man who is best known for accompanying Senator John McCain, 200 soldiers, 2 military copters and other protection in their "leisurely stroll" through a Baghdad market in early 2007.

Our third candidate is veteran and fellow Daily Kos member John Laesch, who is running in IL-14, home of former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Look out for links for podcast and streaming interviews from these three most excellent candidates, as well as future interviews with other Democratic candidates for Congress. We hope you enjoy them.

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