Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing: "Voices From the Military"

Earlier this week, we announced the first of our two new segments, Candidates' Corner, which are short interviews with various candidates for public office.

We are proud to announce the launch of our sixth segment, Voices From the Military, which will give you a first hand account and discussion with current and former members of the United States Military.

Our first interview, with Daily Kos and current member of the military Peter Laesch, brother of IL-14 Congressional Candidate John Laesch. Peter joins us from Germany and talks about his prior service in the 1990s, some of his observations of military life then as compared to now, his brother's Congressional run and his views on the number of contractors in Iraq, stop/loss and the impact that military life has on military families.

Truly a must-hear interview.

Look for future interviews with Admiral and ePluribus Media community member Jeff Huber as well as author and Daily Kos member The Angry Rakkasan (Brandon Friedman).

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